Monday, March 15, 2010

I watched "Doubt" today and was once again amazed at Meryl Streeps acting ability. She is my favorite actress, surpassing Nichole Kidman for the number one spot. That movie is very good. Phillip Seymor Hoffman's character is a Priest and in the middle of the movie, he gives a sermon that leaves me with that feeling of Deja Vu....well, actually it relates to what is going on in my life right now.

The more I am thinking about Norther California, the more I am excited about the thought. I checked out some internet sites about Winters and its Surroundings and there is plenty to do. Hiking, camping, kayakings, redwoods, San Francisco, Sacramento, California, Pacific Ocean...Plus a good education and an extremely liberal environmnet. Amy has a garden in which we can grow our own veggies, the town is small with a population of about 7000 but only 15 minutes away from a bigger city. I could go to school, clear my thoughts and focus and make a decision of what I want to do. I'd be able to bike more as the town is a bikers dream. There is plenty of outdoor activities I can be a part of. Close to the beach and the mountains and some big cities. I think I found what I am doing in August.

Now I just need to save money. I'm considering moving back home to my mom's or possibly with my brother and sister in law in Miami. I'm not sure just yet but I need to start saving for a road trip to Northern California because I'd like to stop place along the way and meet up with friends and loved ones. Maybe I'll cut through Texas and stop at the HA. Oh, that would be delightful....kinda. ;)

Seriously though, maybe a change of scenery is what I need? I just wish I had my friends with me to discuss it with them....


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  1. :P

    1) Why didn't you tell me you had a blog?
    2) Why aren't you following MINE?! lol!
    3) You don't need no stinking Northern California. That neck of the country has the highest suicide rates for a reason. You'd hate it. ;)